News Plus Bristol

0117 942 5588

What information do we keep about our customers?

Name, address, telephone number, email address and details (such as orders, invoices issued and payments received) to enable us to run an individual customer’s account with.

Where is information stored?

On the company’s two computers and in offline data stores (paper).

Who is the company’s Data Protection Officer?

The director of the company (Nigel Warr).

Have relevant staff been instructed about GDPR guidelines?



NewsPlus does not operate outside the EU.

NewsPlus would report any data breaches involving personal data to the local authority and the people (data subjects) involved.

Customers can request access to their personal information by phone (0117 942 5588) or email (

Customers can request deletion of any information, or that we stop processing their data as above.

Data for which we have no further use is automatically deleted.

25th May 2018